Blonde Silk® Coffee

Make your mornings even brighter with Folgers® Blonde Silk® mild roast coffee. Vibrant yet velvety-smooth, this light roast ground coffee blend is crafted by the quality-obsessed. We start with methodically double-dried coffee beans that are precisely blended and, later, cup-tested. Thanks to its convenient ground coffee form, you can brew it by the mug or pot with just about any home coffee maker. Then, simply customize with your favorite creamers and sweeteners to create an invigorating beverage that will help you get any day off to a smooth start. Pick up a canister to taste the passion in each bright and flavorful sip.

♲ This product can be recycled*.
*Not recycled in many communities. 

  • Available sizes:
  • 22.6oz Plastic Canister
  • 9.6oz Plastic Canister

Product FAQs

Is Blonde Silk® Coffee light roast coffee?

Yes, Blonde Silk® Coffee is light roast coffee.

Is Blonde Silk® Coffee coffee stronger than regular coffee?

Blonde Silk® Coffee is a mild coffee, with great aroma and smooth taste.

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