Golden Dusk® Instant Coffee

Folgers Noir® is a line of deliciously dark Folgers coffees that highlight the range of rich but smooth dark roast flavors. Folgers Golden Dusk instant coffee is a medium dark roast coffee with a medium body and robust finish. 

  • Available sizes:
  • 7oz Glass Jar

Product FAQs

Is Folgers Noir® Golden Dusk® Instant Coffee dark roast coffee?

Yes, Folgers® Noir® Golden Dusk® Instant Coffee is medium-dark roast coffee.

Can I make Folgers® instant coffee with cold water?

Yes, Folgers® instant coffee can be made with cold water. Simply mix instant coffee with cold water, add ice and enjoy.

How does Folgers Noir® Golden Dusk® Instant Coffee compare to espresso?

Our Noir Golden Dusk® Instant coffee has a medium bodied flavor. 

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