Breakfast Blend Coffee

Start your day off right with Folgers® Breakfast Blend ground coffee, a smooth, mild roast. Folgers Breakfast Blend delivers smooth and mellow flavors, carefully crafted and ideal for those seeking a refreshing cup to kickstart their day. Discover the delightful difference of Folgers in every cup.

♲ This product can be recycled*.
*Not recycled in many communities. 

  • Available sizes:
  • 19.2oz Plastic Canister
  • 22.6oz Plastic Canister
  • 33.7oz Plastic Canister
  • 9.6oz Plastic Canister

Product FAQs

Is Breakfast Blend Coffee light roast coffee?

Yes, Breakfast Blend Coffee is light roast coffee.

Is Breakfast Blend Coffee the same as Morning Café?

They are very similar. Our Breakfast Blend Coffee is a mild roast with a smooth, balanced flavor.

How strong is Breakfast Blend Coffee?

Our Breakfast Blend Coffee is a mild roast coffee.

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